Crayola Lover written and performed by Auckland based Moxie was released on Moxie’s Youtube channel for NZ Music Month last week. The music student teamed up with Connor Slattery who produced her music video.


With a background in the arts and originally from Wellington, MOXIE shifted from a career heading towards opera and musical theatre to focus on writing her own music and establishing her own musical identity.

Through inspiration of David Bowie, Damien Rice and late-night wines, Moxie likes to pull on a dirty, raw reality making the mundane more inviting and romanticising the grotesque of relationships. Drawing on real-life experiences, Moxie is an honest and raw performer with captivating stories to tell through poetically crafted lyrics to form an acoustic indie pop sound that falls between the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and James Bay.

The self-released debut of Crayola Lover is a taster for her EP due out later this year.

Crayola Lover is about capturing the feeling that your love isn't enough for somebody, therefore it seems artificial and unsatisfactory. Moxie says that she likes the term 'Crayola' not only for the artificial connotations, but also because it links to the overarching idea of her upcoming EP 'Paint'.  “'Paint' is the idea that just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it's good for you” Moxie says. “I guess this idea also resonates with Crayola Lover. My Crayola love may be beautiful but it can't sustain him, and I'm aware of that.”

The song also touches on the idea of loving somebody while knowing they're still loving someone else - that's a hard pill to swallow and also can make a relationship feel messy and fake, hence the references to watercolour schemes and dirty paint water. Crayola Lover is not meant to be hostile or bitter, but it is more a reflection - a melancholic and wistful breath of time where you accept the love for what it is.

 So far, the song has had a great response from listeners and she hopes they can take inspiration from the message of her song as well as enjoy what she has created. “I really love making music and to create this music is quite literally my dream come true. I’m so excited about this track and can’t wait to share more of my music.’

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