Estère Releases Epic Two-Part Album 'My Design, On Others' Lives'

Estère Releases Epic Two-Part Album 'My Design, On Others' Lives'

Today artist, producer and beatmaker Estère opens up her musical adventures to the world with her self-produced double album My Design, On Others' Lives, following a mammoth year which included opening for legendary icon Grace Jones and sell-out shows in New Zealand and abroad, in a championed return to the scene following the 2014 release of her self-titled, debut album.

Wherever the stories go, the production follows. Never one to do things by the book, Estère takes on a unique plethora of sonic textures and samples, blending a wide range of stories and experiences of her own and those of others.

From the very first reverberant creak of the opening track ‘Vietnam' until the folk-meets-electronic bounce of the ‘Guilty', the album's final track, Estère's playful, explorative and widely sourced musical sensibility takes listeners on a unique journey through time, space and sound.

My Design, On Others' Lives is out now on all digital streaming platforms, and available on CD, vinyl and cassette where all good music lives.

Listen to My Design, On Others' Lives here!

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What the world is saying about My Design, On Others' Lives so far...

"her affection for people and culture is affecting her art, which is why it is so difficult to define Estère or package her music into a box. Like Grace Jones, she is doing her own thing." - Music Love (AU)

"This is not just an album, it's a snapshot of life in motion perfectly preserved for generations to come." - 13th Floor

"A little bit of Janet Jackson, hella soul doused in vintage electro-jazz, "My Design, On Others' Lives" is a pop lovers dream." - AFROPUNK

"a bold record, full of confidence and rigor." - Bandcamp