IVY RED Releases Dark Confessional 'ABSENT'

IVY RED Releases Dark Confessional 'ABSENT'

The name FKA LUNAR may sound familiar to you, that’s because he’s played at Rhythm & Vines 2017 and was also the hand-picked opener for Villette’s ‘Drip Crimson’ tour. Now he’s debuting his new alias IVY RED with the release of ‘ABSENT’.

IVY RED is an alternative R&B songwriter producer and performer. By opening up the darkest parts of his mind he lets you look thought the windows to his soul as he guides you through IVY's world with a melancholic, gravelly vocal.

ABSENT is a warm blend of dark ambient synths , heavy bass and alluring vocals, a combination that makes for the perfect introduction to IVY’s new wave of R&B.

“The track puts a spotlight on the undying truth that people will care more when you’re gone. If i went absent and died they would start to pick up on the problems i was dealing with and realise i was showing serious signs but by then it would be too late. “She said she love me for the music and the cocaine” brushes over the memory of a past friend wanting to be around me because i had drugs, oblivious to the idea that they were using the suppression to my pain as their pleasure” - IVY RED

Take a listen to ABSENT here.