Luminous Aotearoa Indie Artist Goodnight My Darling Unveils New Gem ‘Ruby’

May 16, 2024

Riding the wave of her epic CubaDupa performance, Pōneke indie star Goodnight My Darling has today released a very special new single, ‘Ruby’ – and it’s a music gem!

Goodnight My Darling aka Maxine Macaulay has crafted a song that is sure to get its hooks into listeners. Inspired by, and reflecting upon, creative repression, motherhood and female empowerment, ‘Ruby’ is as gritty as it is light and uplifting – perfectly encapsulating all that has inspired it.

“I wrote the chorus after the Black Ferns won the Rugby World Cup in 2022. I had just finished my album release tour up north, and it was on the way back that we listened to the final in the van. The next morning I watched Ruby Tui singing ‘Tūtira Mai’ with the crowd and I was so inspired and so happy for our country’s women at that moment, that I jammed the little chorus which evolved into what the song is now.”

Perhaps (appropriately) an unexpected anthem – the way the chorus soars in ‘Ruby’, it is not hard to imagine this track blasting through speakers at a stadium. The song also took inspiration from Maxine’s best friend, because “she’s amazing and can do anything.”

Ruby’ could not be a more exciting addition to Goodnight My Darling’s expanding discography – which follows previously released cinematic single ‘The Empress’ (2023) and her stunning self-titled debut album (2022). The artist once again joined forces with celebrated NZ producer Toby Lloyd at Tiny Triumph Recordings for the recording and mixing, and Robin Schmidt, 24-96 Mastering in Berlin.

A talented storyteller, an avid explorer and human-experience researcher, Maxine draws upon her adventures living and performing abroad in Melbourne, Japan and Berlin – and will no doubt be drawing on her upcoming adventure, motherhood. Now, it is time to press play and enjoy this impressive artist’s new release, ‘Ruby’, and get excited about her forthcoming music video!

Check out all things Goodnight My Darling below:

Her work is contemplative, cleverly crafted and soul-stirring. An impressive songwriter, producer and vocalist. Her artistic endeavours began from a young age, singing for Kapiti-based bands, choirs and learning to play trumpet, taught by her grandfather who was a conductor and musician in the New Zealand National Band. In 2018 Maxine was one of the first graduates from Massey University’s Bachelor of Commercial Music in Wellington. Her debut self-titled album was written during a seven-month lockdown in Berlin, early 2021 and was released December 2022. It is a mix of soul-stirring tunes including ‘The Carriage’, ‘Until I Return’ and ‘The Trees Have Eyes’. Inspirations include Angel Olsen, Nadia Reid and 90’s shoegaze. Maxine says her ever evolving vibe is a poetic expression of her life and the places around her. Her songs take you on a cinematic journey, while her ethereal vocals lull you into a quiet sense of peace and appreciation. Goodnight My Darling is a wondrous, immersive and cinematic experience.

Artwork credit: Gwilled Cheese

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