Amamelia shares her new album 'WOW! The 2021 Remixes'

Amamelia shares her new album 'WOW! The 2021 Remixes'


Amamelia is the musical project of Amelia Berry, a musician and songwriter currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Amamelia's music combines breaks normally found in Jungle & Drum & Bass with a sugary synthetic pop sensibility.

Influenced by the slew of remixes found on CD singles of the late 90s / early 00's, Sunreturn and Amamelia curated a list of friends and collaborators to rework her acclaimed debut album WOW!. 

Today she shares WOW! THE 2021 REMIXES (out April 30 via Sunreturn). Many key players in Aotearoa's electronic scenes are present, from the hip hop inspired R&B of Imugi 이무기, Tei., bb gurl, Dbldbl, and Alexa Casino; to the footwork, techno and jungle of Liam K. Swiggs (The Big Fresh Collective), Go Nuclear, and Jack Russell (Green Grove); or the outsider electronics Big Fat Raro, Citacsy, and Trapjaw Kelpie; and the oceanic vapourwave of Eyeliner, all these acts breathe new life into WOW!'sgrooves and textures.

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Now that the album is out Amamelia reflects that "Having all of these incredible musicians reimagine my music has been such an incredible and humbling experience. These are people who's work I've loved and lived with, and has in large part inspired my own creative process. I can't imagine collaborating with a better group of people and the result is, frankly, fuckin sick."

Outside of Amamelia, Amelia can be found creating ambient soundscapes in caves as Old Chips, playing in queerbo pop-punk band Babyteeth, indulging in the happy hardcore of Van Staden & Böhm (VSB), as well as performing as one half of synth pop duo Fimo and dungeon synth outfit Gayblade. In the past she's been the mastermind behind the romantic jangle of Polyester (fka as Kip McGrath), and one third of queer DJ trio PWB. Amelia also has a long running history with 95bFM, where she is a weekly guest on the Breakfast show, and has previously hosted their illustrious chart show, the 95bFM Top 10.

To celebrate the release of WOW! The 2021 Remixes, Amamelia has gathered all of the interested parties to perform at Whammy & Backroom on Saturday May 1st. 

The huge lineup includes a mix of live sets and DJing from Amamelia, bb gurl, Big Fat Raro, Citacsy, Dbldbl, Go Nuclear, Imugi 이무기, Jack Russell, Liam K. Swiggs, Tei., Trapjaw Kelpie, Alexa Casino as DJ Snakelegs, and Eyeliner providing entertainment via video stream. 
 Pre-sales tickets are priced at $20, and available from, with door sales costing $30 on the night. Poster by Amelia Berry.


1. Swoon (Liam K. Swiggs Remix)
2. Hot Bitch Dot Zip feat. Baby Zionov & bb gurl (Alexa Casino Remix)
3. Primavera (Citacsy Remix)
4. Operator PLZ (Imugi 이무기 Remix)
5. Sad and Lonely feat. Junny (Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie Remix)
6. Bill (Tei & bb gurl Remix)
7. Dancing MMMM (Jack Russell Remix)
8. The F In FM Stands For Flute (Eyeliner Wonderland Mix)
9. Give Me Space feat. Junny (Big Fat Raro Mercy Remix)
10. So Good (Go Nuclear Remix)

Released digitally on April 30th via Sunreturn