Baby Zionov shares new single 'Fantasy (feat. corpse-becoming-foxes)'

Baby Zionov shares new single 'Fantasy (feat. corpse-becoming-foxes)'

Baby Zionov is the musical project of Aaliyah Zionov (she/her), a musician and songwriter currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Baby Zionov's music takes influence from 90s happy hardcore, 70s space disco, and vintage 16-bit video game soundtracks. She lays her playfully sensual vocals delicately throughout the mix.

Today she shares Fantasy (feat. corpse-becoming-foxes), from her new album Henrietta, out July 1 via Sunreturn.

Following the upbeat PJ Princess feat. Moody V.Baby Zionov has slowed down the pace, with Fantasy (feat. corpse-becoming-foxes) offering a bumpy, bouncing melancholia. Listeners are warned, "don’t let the hot bongos and sexy synth licks fool you, this is a sad song!" 

"It’s probably about as close as I’ll ever get to making a ballad" says Zionov, "but it’s a groovy ballad you can shake your butt to, which is the kind of musical contrast I’ve always been obsessed with."

"My friend corpse-becoming-foxes sang the backing vocals and also wrote the wonderfully byzantine lyrics, which were a joy for me to sing and an even bigger joy to stick a dance beat under."

Fantasy (feat. corpse-becoming-foxes) is accompanied by a digital b-side, an instrumental version of the original tracks, perfect for the slow dance at an upcoming rave.