Celebrating New Zealand Music Month with a Mini Doco 'Caught in the Middle'

Celebrating New Zealand Music Month with a Mini Doco 'Caught in the Middle'

Aly Cook is celebrating New Zealand music month with a mini doco put together with a segment of an edited interview with Damien Williams from CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs , some raw footage from two yet to be released singles, current singles from the album 'Caught in the Middle' and personal pics and footage .

The interview covers Cooks personal struggles with both the Christchurch terrorist attack and the death of one of the session musicians  in the middle of the production of the 'Caught in the Middle' album that lead to the choosing of the title track of the album.

The mini doco also covers being a Kiwi and travelling back and forth from Australia perfoming and the experience of recording the album with a live band of some Australia's top session musicians . 

Cook has struggled to gain recognition in her own country, a point outlined in her recent feature in Audio Culture https://www.audioculture.co.nz/people/aly-cook and also on Jim Mora's RNZ feature The Chart Topping Kiwi Star you have probably never heard of

The struggle of singer songwriters without a major recording deal is very real, Especially as a mature artist paving her way.

Keeping the heart the soul of the music at the core of the music she creates is her focus. 

Her saying .. "Let the disparagement of the detractors be the wind that fills your sails and drives you forward"

Aly works with many other indie artists inspiring them to get their music out to the people. 

"Right now is even harder with Covid-19 stopping live performance. The best thing we can do for Kiwi and Australian indie artists is love our own!! Find a kiwi  or Australian artist you have never heard of and add them to your playlist on Spotify (make sure you follow them )  or Apple Music. It costs you absolutely nothing to do that and you are really helping an artist that needs it right now"  and radio programmers you can really help by giving some Kiwi and Australian artists a shot at Commercial Airplay.

 Aly says to commercial radio programers and networks  

"Step out of your standard playlist and you might find your audience enjoys that independent artist you refuse to play, through the fear you may loose listeners. Those same listeners will like that you are making a difference to the economy if you make something special of playing music of someone unknown. These are extraordinary times and single handedly commercial radio programmers could pump millions back into our economy by playing more local artists" 

"What we need is royalties from commercial radio airplay to come back to artists that live in our countries" That impact on the economy is squarley in the hands of Commercial radio networks to achieve this!"  

Most of the footage and video on the mini doco is filmed by Amy Shields of Light Tree Media (the full Caama interview is on Aly's youtube channel and social media also).

If you like the music here we hope you will come make contact on the official website http://www.alycook.com.au or

add the tracks on your favorite digital platform Spotify Apple Deezer Tidal  https://alycook.lnk.to/CaughtInTheMiddle

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'Caught in the Middle' is available as a CD in AUSTRALIA at 

Waterfront Music https://www.waterfrontrecords.com/Product/80711

JBHFI https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/cd-cook-aly-caught-in-the-middle-cd

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JBHIFI https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/country/caught-in-the-middle/372129/

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