Empire Records Music Service: Shard - ‘Wolves’ (and CHEFF remix)

Empire Records Music Service: Shard - ‘Wolves’ (and CHEFF remix)

‘Wolves’ is the debut single from Shard, a New Zealand singer-songwriter who is also a self-confessed philosopher, dreamer and artistic explorer. ‘Wolves’ is a downtempo atmospheric alt-pop mix, with Shard’s distinct R&B flavoured vocals.

“This song is about when I was traveling solo through America, pursuing music and teaching Yoga. I used to walk a white Husky dog through the Topanga Canyon each day on the edge of Los Angeles city. She reminded me of a beautiful Wolf. I felt really connected to the whole experience. I was also reading the book 'Women who run with Wolves," at the time which was quite revolutionary for me.  The whole thing felt really serendipitous. I wrote this song about it, "Running with the Wolves," so I wouldn't forget that memory - I had no idea it would become my first release 5 years later.”

‘Wolves’ is inspired by the best-selling book, “Women Who Run With Wolves,” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Both of these works delve into the philosophical musings around what it really feels like to exist as an Embodied Woman. Shard says ‘I wanted to write from this space so people could get a feel for my personality and values; Wild, Free and Creative’.

The former arts student and Yoga instructor has been writing and recording with Producer Tom Lee (LeeMvtthews) for the last 12 months and is set to release a collection of songs as part of an as yet unnamed project.

Shard was set to perform her new song at the launch of Billionaire Babes Club a creative space for inspired Women at their Grand Opening in Melbourne on March 28th before Covid-19 struck and scuppered these plans.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shard_____