For the first time on vinyl - The Datsuns - Headstunts

For the first time on vinyl - The Datsuns - Headstunts

To accompany the recent release for the first time on vinyl of the Datsuns 2008 album Headstunts, the Datsuns are happy to announce the release of the never seen before video for the single Cruel Cruel Fate.

Watch here.

This performance video features the distinctive vocal talents of Heidi Brownstone and was created using recently rediscovered footage from the vaults filmed circa 2008/2009.

The Datsuns are thrilled to release the vinyl version of their fourth album ‘Headstunts’. A conspicuous gap in fans’ record collections, the album is finally available on standard black and a limited edition blue version on Friday, 27th March 2020.

Recorded and self-produced in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2008, Headstunts is The Datsuns delivering a high energy mix of power charged riffs, cutting rock ’n’ roll anthems, on a backdrop of psychedelic blues infused punk.

“Headstunts (an anagram for The Datsuns) was almost like making our first record again, with new influences and abilities. With a brand new member (Ben Cole) on drums, we were able to feed off each other in different ways, and also revive some old ideas that did not click before. Taking those ideas, and then flipping them around, just like you do with an anagram. So I suppose there is some kind of very clumsy poetry there.”

“Crank up loud, shout along to and enjoy when you need a bit less chin-stroking and a bit more straightforward rock fun in your musical life!”

- Jude Clarke - The Line of Best Fit

“The Pink Floyd inspired mid-album epic, "Eye of the Needle," is a moody and cinematic laser show of a rock song and probably the heaviest thing the band has ever recorded.”

- Matt Collar - All Music

“The self-produced Headstunts represents The Datsuns at their essence.”

- Rebecca Barry - NZ Herald

“Headstunts is easily The Datsuns’ sharpest-sounding record.”

- Stephen Haag - Pop Matters

The album features singles ‘Human Error’, a hyper-manic blast of power pop energy, and the blues infused hooks of ‘So Long’, which, with its horror themed video, is one of the more iconic videos the band has ever shot.


Headstunts (HS035LP)

Standard  black vinyl or limited edition blue

Side 1

Human Error

Hey! Paranoid People! (What’s In Your Head?)

Your Bones

Ready Set Go!

Yeah Yeah Just Another Mistake

Eye Of The Needle

Side 2

So Long

Cruel Cruel Fate

Highschool Hoodlums

Cry Crybaby

Pity Pity Please

Somebody Better