Four years of ‘Nook and Cranny’ performances at Dunedin Library

Four years of ‘Nook and Cranny’ performances at Dunedin Library

On Sunday 5th May Dunedin Library will again see musicians playing in the most surprising spots.

Past festivals have delighted library visitors with surprises like having breakout indie-pop band Soaked Oats playing amongst the shelves or having veteran country singer, Donna Dean, leading a singalong in the elevator!

This year the Nook and Cranny Festival will include 40 different acts, ranging from full bands performing on professional stages to solo artists in more unusual locations. The event runs all day, with performances taking place from 11am-4pm.

There will be a wide variety of music performed = anything from guitar music in the classic 'Dunedin Sound' style, to singer-songwriters, to EDM DJs, to classical and even a choir.

A few highlights include:

Julian Temple - well known songwriter who has traveled all over the US with his music and release multiple albums. 

Seedy - Bass player from Southland/Otago veterans Left or Right. 

Ed Zuccollo - Wellington-based musician who has played keys for Trinity Roots, Flite, and Tyson Smith as well as heaps more. 

There is also a late afternoon event on Friday May 8th with solo singer-songwriters Paul Allen, Darryl Baser and James Dignan joining forces in ''The art of three'' (supported by Jackson Caine who kicks the event off at 5.30pm).

For more information on the Nook & Cranny Festival, check out the event page here.