Guardian Singles' second album Feed Me To The Doves

Guardian Singles' second album Feed Me To The Doves

'Highly anticipated' may be a term that is overused, but not when applied to Feed Me To The Doves, the second album from Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau-based post-punks Guardian Singles.

Considered by many both here and overseas as one of the most exciting New Zealand bands around right now, Guardian Singles began as a sporadic get-together of musically accomplished friends. 

Thom Burton (SoccerPractise Wilberforces Moppy), Durham Fenwick (Dimmer / Erny Belle / Green Grove), Yolanda Fagan (Na Noise / Half Hexagon) and Fiona Campbell (Vivian Girls / Chain and the Gang / Coolies) began by playing only sparsely during the New Zealand  summers between 2015-2018, when drummer Campbell was back from the USA  visiting family and friends.
In 2020 Campbell moved back to Aotearoa and they released  their self-titled debut album on 12” vinyl in February via Auckland label Moral Support. The singles 'Tea Lights Exploding' and 'Being Alone' quickly  became Student Radio Network favourites, as well as being picked up by college radio stations and blogs in spots around the globe as diverse as Colombia, Italy, Denmark and France, and their song 'Can’t Stop Moving' was the most played track on Auckland’s 95bFM in 2020.

In July 2020, between lockdowns, the band embarked on a tour of the North Island, playing the main centres, also taking in Whanganui, Palmerston North and Hamilton. 

In September, they played a blistering 25 minute set streamed live to Memphis, Tennessee for legendary DIY punk festival Gonerfest. It was viewed by thousands, and resulted in their bandcamp page crashing from the sudden influx of people trying to buy their record. Their show also sufficiently impressed Chicago based record label Trouble In Mind, whom they signed a multi-album record deal with the following week.   

Their sophomore album Feed Me to the Doves was recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studio in Auckland and is being released today – Friday May 26th – by Trouble In Mind. The album is available digitally on Bandcamp, and on limited edition whirlpool blue vinyl from all good record stores. 

Listen to Feed Me To The Doves on Bandcamp

Reviewers love Guardian Singles ...

“Invigorating punk rock” - Graeme HillThe AM Show 

"The opening track  'Chad and Stacey' explodes out of the gate" - Grant SmithiesRNZ Nine to Noon

“(Songs of) urban anxiety, uneasy masculinity, and impending doom” - Kirsten JohnstoneRNZ Songcrush

"New Zealand's Guardian Singles will release new album Feed Me To the Doves on May 26 via Trouble in Mind. The album opens with garage punk burner 'Chad and Stacey.' - featured single, Brooklyn Vegan 

"When Guardian Singles took the stage at Virtual Gonerfest my jaw dropped from the first note... Within 7 minutes I crashed their Bandcamp trying to buy a record...If this record had come out in 1981 we would be talking about it like a post-punk classic.

There's a lot of to-do in 2020 about the "post-punk revival" happening in the UK, but not a single one of those bands comes close to [their] explosive, chest-bursting energy. Guardian Singles somehow infuses that with a heap of the South Pacific jangle you expect from that region's punk records." - Paula Abdul JabarReddit Indieheads 

"Auckland’s Guardian Singles play a loosely poppy and relentlessly propulsive brand of post-punk that’s a perfect fit for Chicago’s Trouble In Mind Records, who gave the band’s 2020 self-titled debut album wider release in 2021. Guardian Singles LP2, titled Feed Me To The Doves, is coming in May, and its opening track is out now. Clocking in at under two minutes, 'Chad And Stacey' presents the band at its most ferociously nervy, leaning more into the “punk” side of the hyphen in post-punk." - Chris DevilleStereogum