Half Moon Baby Release New Single 'Couch Moves'

Half Moon Baby Release New Single 'Couch Moves'

'Couch Moves' is the third release from Half Moon Baby in the past 6 months, and holds true to their subversive pop aesthetic.

Opening on a danceable groove, catchy guitar melodies and some friendly brass tones peeking through, it takes listeners through the narrative of a young man dealing with being "on his couch moves".

Referencing his "two seater corduroy chesterfield", lead vocalist Matt Herd croons through his verses over a subdued rhythm section about a potential love interest, whilst not allowing the fact he sleeps on a couch deter his confidence, and rather accepting this shortcoming as something to have pride in. The song shifts to a more riff based, hard hitting ending that will send the grooves to your shoes, in classic HMB fashion, with interesting rhythms and soaring brass melodies.

Half Moon Baby work hard to continue to subvert what we would expect from a pop band. They still give us exactly what we need, with an extra dash of what we didn't know we needed.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new release coming soon, paired with a series of shows over the North Island so you can see this band in action.