From Europe to Mt Maunganui, alt-folk actJoseph & Maia share ‘Amsterdam’, a heartfelt love letter to one of their most treasured places, accompaniedby a beautiful official video that offers up a snapshot of their time touring.

Speaking of the track, vocalist and guitarist Joseph expresses, “the song is somewhat of a love letter to our favourite city. We both felt instantly at home when wearrived in Amsterdam for the first time. It was home for a year, and most days still feels like it is where we should be.

“We’re constantly dreaming and reminiscing about our favourite cafes, streets, canals, wild nights, career highlights, experiences and people in that city. We spent our days drinking coffee, writing songs, playing Yahtzee, and planning for the next leg of our crazy tour across the continent.

“I guess the song is about the good energy we felt in Europe in general, we felt entirely accepted and welcomed both musically and as people.”

With the changing face of travel, touring and music itself during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s also forced husband and wife duo Joseph and Maia Thompson to lament over their time spent overseas, and also what that means to people who live in Europe full time.

“The video definitely depicts an Amsterdam that we are aware isn’t relevant right now. It’s a confusing feeling to be so attached to a place that isn’t officially your home. We’ve been watching the case numbers in all of our homely pockets in Europe as close as if it they were home, and been chatting to friends who are scattered across the continent hiding out.

“We spent 3 years, essentially homeless and constantly on the road in Europe. We were entirely dependent on touring, busking, playing whatever little show came our way, relying on people’s generosity in housing us, buying our music, contributing to our crazy ideas. It was a dream and we miss it every day, but to think about what that life would look like right now, well that’s fucking terrifying. I really feel for anyone anywhere in the world right now, stuck or without a home…”

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