Māngere Love Free Concert Series Throughout May

Māngere Love Free Concert Series Throughout May

It’s NZ Music month time of the year again, and the ‘Māngere Love’ free public concert series is also back once again, this year celebrating ten years of providing a platform for passionate local talent in South Auckland.

Māngere Love is an annual event during the NZ Music Month of May in which local emerging talent have the opportunity to perform alongside established artists in front of their local community.

It began as a partnership with the Māngere Town Centre in response to the lack of live music performance opportunities in this thriving and talented community.

Since 2009, this homegrown event has been held on the humble Māngere Town Centre stage, and has continued to provide opportunities for local emerging talent to share the stage alongside established artists such as Aradhna, Annie Crummer, Betty-Anne Monga, Charlie Pome'e (of Three Houses Down), Emma Paki, TJ Taotua and Swiss.

Over the past 10 years, it has become a signature event within the local music community. In 2017 the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board provided much needed support and the event has been able to grow from a one-day celebration to every Saturday morning alongside the Māngere Markets.

Week 1: REP FM's awesome Passion to Profession program kicks week one off in local urban style with a great lineup of their exciting artists.

Week 2: DUNAMIS MUSIC then find time in their very busy schedules to follow up in week two with their in demand artist roster currently gaining lots of industry traction.

Week 3: SUPA (Saintzup Performing Arts Trust) will return to centre stage to shakeup week three with their renowned brand of youthful creative artistry.

Week 4: Week four will be community culmination concert, a special lineup of emerging and established artists all coming together to see NZ music month off in style.

WHEN: Every Saturday in May, 10:00am-12:00pm

WHERE: Mangere Town Centre Stage

COST: FREE all ages