NEW Glass Vaults single and video - Oils & Perfume -Lock-down edition

NEW Glass Vaults single and video - Oils & Perfume -Lock-down edition

New Zealand alt-pop group Glass Vaults have released a special lock-down edition music video for their new single Oils and Perfume, and a challenge to learn and share their TikTok style dance. #oilsandperfumechallenge.

Watch here 

The story

Oils and Perfume was inspired by Los Del Rio’s 1990’s dance floor hit The Macarena, as well as the bands’ growing fascination with current popular dance phenomena seen on platforms like Tiktok and Fortnite, where dance is integrated with teen culture. Richard and Bevan from Glass Vaults both work with children and had become super interested in how these platforms had captured a generation of DIY dancers.  

When New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown due to COVID-19, Rowan from Glass Vaults mobilised some of his dancer friends and colleagues to bring a visual life to Oils and Perfume. Tiktok-er Melissa Sripromma (@melissasripromma) choreographed the dance and the final music video shows isolated home dancers performing the dance in their respective bubbles. 

We hope this song and the dance bring some joy while we are all in lock-down. Wishing you a peaceful rāhui and we’ll see you on Tiktok @glass_vaults #oilsandpurfumechallenge

Oils and Perfume is the first single from the bands’ well-awaited third studio LP Sounds that sound like music, which will be released later this year. 

Oils and Perfume was written by Richard Larsen, Bevan Smith and Rowan Pierce and was made with help from Tom Callwood (Phoenix Foundation), Charlotte Forrester (Womb) and Cory Champion (Borrowed C.S).

Band bio:

Since their conception in 2010, merchants of bliss Glass Vaults have produced a stream of releases and transcendental live performances which have developed into a unique brand of dreamy psychedelic pop. The core of Glass Vaults is Richard Larsen, Bevan Smith and Rowan Pierce who have been joined throughout the past decade by an extended group of collaborators. The band has its roots in Wellington, but now its members are spread out between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


During this time they have released an acclaimed body of work, played to capacity crowds inside drained swimming pools and humid forests, toured throughout New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A and taken up residence in New York while maintaining strong critical praise. Their early collection of EPs, written and recorded in rooms and studios throughout New Zealand, are atmosphere driven, hazy and slower-paced. With the release of Sojourn (2015, Flying Out) and The New Happy (2017, Melodic Records) the band has begun to peel away a hazy veneer to reveal precision-crafted pop songs with groove, immediacy and striking clarity.

2020 will see the release of Glass Vaults' third LP Sounds that sound like music which promises to push deeper in realms of avant-garde pop-funk.