NZ dark-pop star Michèle Ducray confronts bullying in new single ‘Monster’

NZ dark-pop star Michèle Ducray confronts bullying in new single ‘Monster’

Aotearoa dark-pop up-and-comer Michèle Ducray has today released her stand-out new single ‘Monster’.


Giving the sense of a dark nursery rhyme, this brilliantly crafted and catchy dark-pop song could also be described as poetic, carnival grunge. ‘Monster’ is a song inspired by the artist's own experience of bullying - drawing on the sense of feeling attacked. “It’s about the way (a bully) makes you doubt yourself,” explains Michèle, “and how you overcome it by seeing you’re a powerful being who won’t accept that shit. Writing ‘Monster’ was my cathartic therapeutic form of revenge and whether you’re a victim of bullying or love the show Wednesday on Netflix, this one’s for you!”


Mixed, mastered and recorded with Liam Quinn (Delta Goodrem, Rita Ora) at his Sydney studio, this new single also has a stunningly shot Sabrina-esque music video, with detailed set design and direction - all made by Innit Creative Films. 


“The set design is gorgeous! For the Seance scene, we had a full-on tarot card layout with candles and grasses symbolically placed - oh and an old witchcraft book on set! It was like a horror movie, so good and so realistic. The actor who played the ‘monster’ conveniently already knew how to do those robotic dance moves, which really brought the monster to life.” Throughout the video Michèle, dressed as a high school student, is being chased throughout the school by a monster - before she overpowers him. “The message I'm trying to convey is, don’t let them get you down! The ‘monster’ is just a bully who would do anything to see you fail, but you are worthy and amazing, and that’s all that really matters.”


Based in Wanaka, Michèle was raised in South Africa, China and Christchurch. She has worked with Simon Gooding (Dua Lipa, Pink), Pacific Heights (Drax Project, Shapeshifter), Liam Quinn (Delta Goodrem, Rita Ora), and DJ RUEBIK. Signed to Antipodes Records, her music has been featured on some of NZ’s biggest radio stations and recently performed at 2023’s Bay Dreams and ZM’s Electric Avenue. A self-confessed "fan of the peculiar", Michèle is inspired by mysterious and sinister themes such as horror and the colourful characteristics of circus life. Her sound is characterised by a mix of intoxicating vocals, deep drum & bass, and lucid pop melodies for a melancholic yet energetically upbeat immersion of seductive tones. With lots more to come - including a debut EP - Michèle Ducray is an exciting artist on the rise worth following!