Pickle Darling shares new single and video, 'Invercargill Angel'

Pickle Darling shares new single and video, 'Invercargill Angel'

Today, Pickle Darling (Lukas Mayo | they/them) shares their synthy new single 'Invercargill Angel', which premiered just hours ago by U.S. magazine FLOOD Magazine. 

The latest single is accompanied by a celestial video directed by Aimee Cooki Martin, with the support of NZ on Air

On the track, Mayo offers: “This was one of the last songs I wrote for the album. I came up with the kind of repeating mantra bit on a long drive and just sang it in my head for an hour so I wouldn’t forget it. It came together reasonably quickly, maybe the quickest song on the album to write! As for the video, uh me and my friends got some burgers and went to hang out on the beach to celebrate the album being finished, and I have no memory of what went down but luckily my friends captured it all on film…

Check out all things Pickle Darling below: 




Watch Invercargill Angel here