Popstars Top Four come out with Hit Singles

Popstars Top Four come out with Hit Singles

The surprising, uplifting and powerful new generation of Popstars have arrived.

Ever wondered what happens when you take some of the most talented young musical artists in Aotearoa and put them through three months of intensive development, guided by legends of the local music industry? Your answer comes to you today in the form of four dynamic, provocative, and unique singles from the finalists of TVNZ’s Popstars. Skye Hine, ZËxÏÏ, Christabel and A.R.T represent a fresh generation of New Zealand musicians, a group that holds the craft of songwriting and storytelling just as high as their image, stage-craft and vocal chops.

Skye Hine – Outlier 
Aotearoa’s next teen sensation

When 16-year-old Skye Hine (Ngāti Porou, Tuhoe) first stood - quietly and bashfully – in front of the all-star panel on TVNZ’s Popstars in early 2021, she had written just a handful of original songs in her life. Debut single Outlier undeniably illustrates the fact that age, experience- and appearances - are no barriers to greatness in the music industry.

Hine’s debut release is a powerful statement of identity and strength the likes of which are rarely seen from a 16-year-old; indeed, Outlier is bound to garner comparison to fellow local teen-sensations Lorde and Benee - and not without justification.

ZËxÏÏ - Tmrw Maybe 
ZËxÏÏ breaks the mold with fearless debut single.

Described as an “incredible never-ending font of ideas and creative energy” by the production team behind his debut single, ZËxÏÏ / TJ Zimba has distilled these powers into a song unlike any other to come out of a music-TV show.

 In his own words, ZËxÏÏ - who recently helped lead the Black Lives Matter march in Dunedin - describes the song as an exploration of how we can know “we should pay attention to our deeper selves, but still feel drawn to the material, temporary and ephemeral.” 

Christabel - If You Ain’t Looking 
Christabel bottles the feeling of unbridled freedom.

What happens when an astonishing voice, an open heart and a one-in-a-million personality come together to discover artistic freedom? It can only be the uplifting, anthemic single If You Ain’t Looking by Christabel.

 Christabel, a self-described “neuro-divergent, static-brained singer and lyricist”, owns the rare ability to be able to silence a room and take listeners on a journey into her world. With If You Ain’t Looking she’s combined that talent with a track that immediately evokes images of festival crowds roaring to life as the chorus hits.

A.R.T - Be Ready 
Aotearoa needs a powerhouse girl group - A.R.T has answered the call.

For too long there has been a missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of Aotearoa’s diverse music industry - a powerhouse girl group. With debut single Be Ready, A.R.T have emerged to take their place amongst the country’s household names.


Self-described as “three broke brown girls from a broken city, who dared to dream”, the trio have channelled the warrior power wielded by groups from The Supremes to Destiny’s Child into a fierce new invitation to join their gang; to be healed, to be angry, to be empowered, to be hilarious. To Be Ready.



Links to all singles:


ZËxÏÏ ‘Tmrw Maybe’ https://smarturl.it/zexii


Christabel ‘If You Ain’t Looking’ https://smarturl.it/christabel


Skye Hine ‘Outlierhttps://smarturl.it/skyehine


A.R.T ‘Be Ready’ https://smarturl.it/artbeready