Listen To 'Heart' Here

Heart is the new single from 2021 Taite Prize winner Reb Fountain. Fans who were lucky enough to have caught Reb live in the last year would have heard Heart on the road. With Heart’s release Reb offers us all the chance to catch a glimpse of what she’s been up to since her self-titled album release.  

Reb on Heart”I wanted to share a tune for all the unrequited love and longing; the great exodus of connection and the echoes of yearning left behind, reverberating through space, time and our hearts, as we fell together and apart.   They say as long as Orpheus sings he breathes life into death; that, in the most challenging of times, we too have the opportunity for rebirth.  Orpheus would play his u-shaped lyre; it’s two arms reaching away from one another to hold the tension of strings vibrating across the bridge between.  Heart is a love song; not a happily ever after kind of love, more the type of love that makes beautiful music precisely because it is forever connected and apart. Held by heart strings it is the kind of love that begged Orpheus to turn and share it with Eurydice only to lose her forever – the sort of love that’s human; where great suffering and great joy exist as one."

Today’s single comes with a beautiful video, premiered by Women In Pop, and directed by longtime collaborator, Lola Fountain-Best. Dining on cake, surrounded by tapestries, trunks & trinkets, in a makeshift room in the middle of anywhere, Reb plays with our hearts; toying at isolation and connection, desire and aversion and the beautiful stillness between.  

In May 2020, Reb Fountain released her self-titled album via New Zealand label Flying NunRecords to much critical acclaim.  Reb Fountain won the 2021 Taite Music Prize, was shortlisted for the Silver Scroll Award for her song ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’, and the album Reb Fountain was nominated for five New Zealand Music Awards; Album of the Year, Best Alternative, Best Solo Artist, Best Album Artwork and Best Engineer.
The award-winning songwriter is a consummate recording artist and performer; spell-bounding audiences with her music and artistry alike. Throughout 2020, Reb and her all-star band (Dave Khan, Karin Canzek and Earl Robertson) astounded audiences around the country on her sold out album release tour, joined Crowded House on their 13 date ‘To The Island Tour’, performed at Splore, and honoured the great Nick Cave at the sold out Auckland Town Hall shows ‘The Boy Next Door’.
Reb was born in San Francisco and immigrated with her family from North America to Lyttelton — the quiet port town out of Christchurch that’s been fundamental to New Zealand’s alt-folk scene, raising artists like Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding, and Delaney Davidson.