Saski unveils debut EP GOLDEN HOURS

Saski unveils debut EP GOLDEN HOURS

Aotearoa’s electric indie-pop artist Saski has just dropped her stunning debut EP GOLDEN HOURS, out today. Joining the dreamy collection of songs is new single ‘Never Give You Up’, a delicately uplifting song of reassurance, layered in expansive electric guitars.


Vast synths, atmospheric guitars and dreamy soundscapes define the Saski sound, with Saski’s (AKA Mikhail Birch) smooth, delicate vocals taking each song into new, emotive and introspective places. The five-track EP is an indie-pop adventure, woven together by stories of heartache, nostalgia, reflection and hope.

“It’s an exploration of Saski, a variety of different sounds that are all stamped and sealed with authenticity and lots of feels,” explains Saski.

“I went into the studio each day wanting to step out of my comfort zone, to work with others who could push me to explore different themes and sounds. This EP also allowed me to have those moments of writing and reflection by myself to truly feel present in what I was saying and how I wanted it to be said.”

The inspirational new single ‘Never Give You Up’ features as the focus track of the EP; a song full of lush optimism and insistent reassurance.

“The song is hopeful,” says Saski. “It’s been a challenging past few years for most people and so I wanted to have a focus track that brought comfort and hope.”

Accompanying the single is an animated video, created by the team at Studio Local– lead  creative by Jared Kahi, illustrated by Jared Kahi and Elayne Chan, and produced by Tania Smiler. The video acts as accurate visual representation of “everyday routine that shows solace in own company but also illustrates friendship and connection”.

Watch the video for ‘Never Give You UpHERE

Never Give You Up’ is the fourth single to be released off GOLDEN HOURS, following the successful releases ‘Fading Out Slowly’, ‘Pretty Little Island’ and ‘Golden Hours’.

After travelling the globe and primarily being based in the US, Nelson-born Saskihas had an impressive string of releases. With her first single ‘Faking Bright’ now at over 9 million plays on Spotify alone, her follow up singles ‘Independent’ and ‘Set Fire’ also sit at over 1 millions plays each. 

GOLDEN HOURS is a journey into the electric Saski sound of rich, expansive soundscapes and dreamy vibes. Sit back, immerse yourself and enjoy the ride!