Emerging new young talent JONATHAN MAPLES today releases his debut single ‘REPLY’, a soul-shredding breakup song that’s an ode to the unexpected and unexplained demise of a relationship.

A heartfelt, slow pop song, ‘Reply’ carries a universal theme as it journeys through a one-sided relationship, with Maples singing about coming to terms with the painful truth of a collapsed romance.


A rip-your-heart-out sad song, ‘Reply’ is a melodic earworm that is perfect for those needing a good old heartfelt wallow, and is sure to help the listener make sense of their broken heart.


“The song is about trying to move on from what seemed like everlasting pain until you can actually let go of all those emotions holding you back from living your life”, he says. “But ultimately it’s a song that I think can feel sad or feel good, depending on how you look at it, because the outcome sets them free from something that actually wasn’t meant to be.”


‘Reply’ marks this 21 year old’s first official foray into the NZ music scene, and as a self-taught bedroom artist, he’s thrilled to finally share this song to a wider audience.


“I have loved listening to music and singing everybody else’s songs way too much, I just had to make them myself – and that’s what I did! I do all my recording in my room with my own equipment, and for a second opinion I go to my sister who is also a singer-songwriter to get her feedback”, says Jonathan.


Born in Savannah, Georgia USA, Maples has grown up in Whanganui and maintains a busy lifestyle balancing his NZ Airforce career with competing nationally in Athletics and Gymnastics, even representing his adopted homeland in recent years as a sprinter and hurdler.


Now he’s added music as a focal point in his life and this accomplished young man has set his sights firmly on carving out his musical path.


“I am currently working on a bunch of new songs, and plan to release an EP sometime in the near future. This is just the start of my music career, and I can’t wait to expand from here.”



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