Soundbleed Sunday Specials | Sundays 9-11PM

Soundbleed Sunday Specials | Sundays 9-11PM

Recently, alongside the Top 40 and SRN charts, there's another Aotearoa music chart going up that sounds unlike the rest, at the start of every month on a recent releases by experimental musicians, sound artist and other music from the fringes filled with adventurous sounds.’s recent releases list originally begun in March 2021 as a radio show of local experimental releases called Sound Dose on The Audio Foundation’s online radio station AFM, ever increasing in length alongside research skills and peeking around 4.5 hours long before it’s indefinite hiatus due to time constraints in April 2022. The show has survived as a recent releases list on, showcasing the ongoing diversity and prolificity of Aotearoa’s experimental music and sound art scene, musical fringes and innovative sounds, priding itself in often giving curious listeners a chance to hear precious sounds from artists releasing music into the online void without promotion only found through search engine and tag trawling. Every third Sunday of the month from 9-11PM, Tash hosts a two-hour show of their highlights plucked from the recent releases list on Soundbleed’s show on 95BFM. Tash will have a new episode this coming Sunday, the 21st of May.

Soundbleed is run by the Audio Foundation, Aotearoa's haven for sonic arts and experimental & adventurous music, hosted in rotation by Tash, Grace and Māpura Studios.

SoundBleed was established in 2013 by AF founder Zoe Drayton, Soundbleed is being re-booted with a dedicated website, functioning as a publishing platform for conversations around experimental sound culture and Sonic Arts - including essays and critical writing, reviews, interviews, oral histories, a database of local recent releases, written lessons and workshops.

The Soundbleed Online Journal fills a significant niche in the discourse around sound art and experimental music in Aotearoa NZ, supporting the artistic community through the development of a multifaceted platform supporting the activities of artists, musicians and writers working across a range of fields.

Soundbleed integrates new writing with archival material from The Audio Foundation and work published by partners such as undertheradar. As an online platform, Soundbleed caters to a local and international readership, continuing an established overseas interest in the sound culture of Aotearoa-NZ. It serves a broad community of writers, artists, and audiences, interested in writing about and around sound, performance and listening. Soundbleed seeks to create a forum for discussion around sound-related activity and practice.

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