Tarn PK EP/Collection “Monarch”

Tarn PK EP/Collection “Monarch”

NZ artist Tarn PK released his first EP in 2019, with funk-pop single “Talk to You" gaining Spotify playlist success on New Music US, UK and NZ/AU, with over 182,000 plays to date. 2019 provided plenty of inspiration for new music, but for some reason creativity wasn’t flowing.

But during lockdown in NZ, Tarn decided to paint a picture of the world standing still for a moment, to take a step back from a chaotic world and create music that feels personal, meaningful, and real. Feeling swamped in synthesisers and modern pop, the aim became to make something which called back to ideas from 70s singer/songwriter artists but made in a way that felt modern, mixing natural instruments, with modern production effects.

“Cheap Ecstasy” is the final release from the 'Monarch' EP/collection. Tarn says “The day I wrote Cheap Ecstasy I was in a rush to go to a concert, but I'd got this idea so I quickly wrote and recorded the track in the 20 minutes before I had to go. It started on the acoustic guitar and I did one take of the vocals over it, the melodies of that first take were the ones that ended up staying on the track. It was one of those songwriting times where it was all I could think about for the rest of the day. After the fact I went in circles changing lyrics, adding bridges, and instrument parts, but I eventually realised I just needed to keep it simple and stick with the original idea. I feel like it fits well with the rest of the songs on 'Monarch' even though it's the most pop/rnb song in the mix. At the heart of it though it’s still just me and a guitar. I wanted all the tracks off the ‘Monarch’ to have a sense of calm and happiness to them and I wanted Cheap Ecstasy to centre around feelings of being around a loved one.”

The first release from– “Monarch” - “Serenity” is a ballad about the weight of the world coming off your shoulders. It made Spotify NZ’s Local List, NZ student radio stations , a range of other Playlists and has over 79k streams on various YouTube channels to date.

“Sky Is Falling”, the second release, took form as something melancholy and wistful, building on top of the picked guitar. It was premiered by Sydney music blog, Acid Stag, made Spotify AU’s Chill Afternoons playlist and had blog write ups and has over 32k streams.

“Indigo Dreaming”, the third release is a mix of indie folk and pop production by Neil MacLeod, an NZ artist/producer.It's had over 60k streams to date and on Spotify playlists including the Chilled Afternoons and the Local List NZ. On Apple Music it made the AU/NZ playlists “Mellow Days” and “Alt.Pop." and was featured by a number of blogs.