The Bollands Release 'Lose You' + Video

The Bollands Release 'Lose You' + Video

Husband and wife post-folk duo The Bollands (Joyce and Christian Bolland) proudly unveil their latest single, ‘Lose You’, along with an official video.

The track laments over Christian’s struggle with anxiety and depression. “One day I woke up and I had this thought that I was dying,” says Christian. “I couldn’t control the thought and it just kept growing and growing until it started taking over my life. I thought I was completely losing my mind.”

“It took a lot of love and support from many people for me to be able to gradually come back from that dark hole. Ultimately, I think this is a song about hope in the middle of crisis.”

The Bollands have been performing, touring and recording since 2011. They were initially based in Asia, cutting their teeth and establishing themselves in the eclectic Hong Kong underground music scene. It is there they recorded their first two albums, The Bollands, and Paper Houses.

They have been on the road constantly, with numerous tours of Asia, The USA, Europe and New Zealand. They have since moved back to New Zealand, had a baby and recorded a third album All of My Ghosts in 2017, with a new album due for release at the end of 2020.

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