The Frank Burkitt band release new single

The Frank Burkitt band release new single

2020 is a year that will not be forgotten by many. The world has changed and changed quickly. From preparing to embark on tours of the UK, New Zealand and Australia the band were suddenly forced into lockdown with 2 members in Wellington and 2 members in the Manchester (UK).

While the suffering is so real for so many across the globe, Frank felt extremely lucky that the uncertainty and fear gave way to a surprising calmness, one that allowed a slower way of life and the time to focus on creativity and taking stock of what is really important in life. And so was born Don’t Be Afraid, a new single, recorded in lockdown in the spare room.

The song and accompanying music video is an artistic journal entry of this crazy time in our lives, that up until only 2 months ago, seemed impossible. The footage takes in Frank and Kara’s home life and the short walk that they could do from home each day, trying to capture the community spirit and camaraderie that has been so beautifully exposed by this terrible virus.

Watch here.

We hope it can soothe the soul, clear the mind or perhaps help heal some pain.