Tim Allen 'Won't Let You Win'

Tim Allen 'Won't Let You Win'

Tim Allen announces his third defiant, Britpop inspired single ‘Won’t Let You Win’ from Allen's forthcoming album The Last Bastion of a Lad.  

Of the song Allen says, “I wrote this song when I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and the realization I'd spent all my life in a total state of chaos but still managed to get through. I suppose it's about never giving up and not letting those things beat you”.

Produced by Ben King and engineered by both King and Nick AbbottThe Last Bastion of a Lad is a swaggering album title that connotes an easing up of the wildlife, a final surrender of one’s larrikin ways, growing up. 

This song collection runs the gamut of life experiences; from the loss of a loved one, ‘Joan Don’t Go’ to the rollicking but wrenching feeling of displacement in ‘Different Shore’ to the death of a relationship, 'Ghost', Allen is reassessing his life as he lays it bare, dressing it in firmly rooted Brit-pop leanings with a smattering of kiwi spit and polish.

The Last Bastion Of a Lad features some of New Zealand’s finest musicians including Ben King (Goldenhorse), Milan Borich (Pluto), Matthias Jordan (Pluto, Night choir), plus appearances by Dominic BlaazerToni Randle (Eyreton Hall) and Callum Passells.

The album was recorded in various band members’ houses and evolved to Kiwi producer Nick Abbott’s North Western recording studio in Auckland N.Z.  

‘Won’t Let You Win’ is now available on Spotify and all good digital outlets.

The Last Bastion of a Lad is set for release on June 5th.