Under Cover: Nadia Reid and Reb Fountain in conversation

Under Cover: Nadia Reid and Reb Fountain in conversation

Prior to the current Covid-19 lockdown in Aotearoa New Zealand, musicians Nadia Reid and Reb Fountain were both on the eve of releasing new albums, significant international tours, and were even due to be travelling on the same plane to iconic USA music festival South By Southwest. 

The friends, and musical compatriots were both following very similar paths for the first portion of 2020. Nadia having just finished a sold out album release tour across Aotearoa, and Reb having a milestone performance at WOMAD festival. 

Just as both of the artists were about to travel to the USA, Covid-19 hit internationally, and SXSW organisers announced the festival’s cancellation.  

Both Nadia and Reb’s international and local touring plans ground to a complete standstill. Their plans - like many things in society’s strange new reality - were postponed until further notice.

In the 14 minute episode, they also perform covers of one another’s songs, which are both captured via multi-camera footage and professionally recorded audio.

Reb Fountain plays Nadia Reid's Get The Devil Out from 2020's Out Of My Province
Nadia Reid plays Reb Fountain's Faster from the self-titled album Reb Fountain. 

Under Cover Episode 2 premieres on The Spinoff and RNZ Music at 12pm, Tuesday 26th May.          

In this episode of Under Cover Nadia and Reb discuss changing music & career trajectories in a heartbeat; how having their dogs throughout lockdown helped them through; their combined love of Joni Mitchell; and when the opportunity to tour may happen again.  

Directed by Banished Music's Reuben Bonner, Under Cover is a peer behind the curtain for our audience to be able to see two artists in candid conversation, both who are facing the same stark realities of their careers in a warped new existence.