ZÖ share an intimate new single ‘Origami’

ZÖ share an intimate new single ‘Origami’

Evocative singer, ZÖ is back and eager to share an intimate new single ‘Origami’, a sign of what’s to come from her brand new EP that is set to release later in the year.

“I have a tendency to be a little self deprecating, it’s the way it’s always been, so deep in my subconscious”

she sings on Origami, openly sharing how she struggles with negative beliefs she holds towards herself. The vulnerability in the song pairs beautifully with her reassuring vocals, a lovely contrast to the powerful pop beats and catchy guitar ris, with inuences from London Grammar and Aurora.

Reecting on the song, she says “This song is about realising I need to work on myself, that I’m the only one who can make it happen, but sometimes I forget and slip back into my old ways... sometimes I just need someone to keep me accountable and help me through it.”

In 2019, ZÖ debuted a modest three-track EP that revealed what is at the heart of it all -- to be unashamedly honest and vulnerable in her music, inviting others to do the same. Not only that, but she solidied herself as an elegant songwriter who captures pure emotion by documenting her inner conicts and placing it into song form.

Now 23 and based in Wellington, New Zealand, she’s set to continue her rise in delivering intimate & unltered pop music.